George's Pilot Scholarship.

My name is George Wootten and on the 22nd of September I took part in a flying scholarship in Scotland.

When I was told that I had been awarded a flying scholarship I was overcome with joy as it is a life long passion of mine to become a pilot. I have always wanted to be a civilian pilot so I joined the cadets at the age of 16 which was very late but in that short time I have had some wonderful experiences.

I would like to personally thank you for providing the sponsorship money for me to live my dream, flying costs a lot of money and without this chance I would probably have never been able to afford it.

Since completing my flying scholarship I have been able to focus the skills in which I have learnt on the course to younger cadets on the flight sim which I am an instructor on. This is such a good thing because it will give them sufficient knowledge which if they are lucky enough to gain a flying scholarship as I have they will be able to complete the course quicker and they will benefit with more solo time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my flying scholarship and I went solo after 8 hours and 40 minutes which is not bad but would have been better if the weather would have given us a break, my solo lasted for 15 minutes which went really fast but later that day my instructor said that I could go up and do solo circuits so I got 4 circuits in, and that solo lasted 35 minutes and was much more interesting as the wind was gusting in and out of the limits making landings difficult.

I had the rest of the time free to do what ever I wanted with my hours and I choose to go on a scenic flight to Ben Nevis, this was really good but unfortunately the weather closed in on us and we was not able to get as close as we wanted but nether the less it was a cracking day, and it happened to be my last day so it was a great way to remember Scotland by.