358 Welling Squadron Photographic Album & Archive


We are very fortunate as a squadron to have CI Brian Marsh and his wife, Mrs Brenda Marsh who are excellent photographers. They have photographed nearly all of the Squadron's major events since ~2005 and have given copies of the photographs to the squadron – and we are eternally grateful for their dedication in preserving moments which might easily have passed us by.


Additionally, a number of cadets have given us copies of their photographs after completing their own activities, mainly for press release purposes. Furthermore, the squadron was at one time very prolific in keeping 'hard' photo albums [pre-2000] and we are lucky to still have some of the many 'camp photographs'.


We have therefore ended up with an extensive collection of digital images, hard images, negatives and projector slides. Also, a number of digitised articles. Slowly we will get the cadets and staff to digitise and load these images onto the system - for many of the images it will be the first time they will have been seen.

There are thousands of images posted already, with lots more waiting to be uploaded, plus a full archive to work through!

Add to the collection.


Your photographs, images and recollections are important to the history of the squadron – Please share them with us.


  1. If you wish to add to the collection then email your digital images / photos to atc358@yahoo.co.uk in batches of 5.

  2. If you have 'hard' copies / real photographes or a large collection of digital photos then email us at oc.358@aircadets.org and we will arrange for collection, digitisation and return.

Want a copy of a photo?

Not an issue, email me at
oc.358@aircadets.org and we will try and sort that for you. Please let me know the set or collection it is in and its title. (A modest charge might apply.)