The Crystal Maze


Series 5 Episode 1.


With the virtual constant repeats of “The Crystal Maze” on satellite TV, many of the cadets have recognised that OC358 took part. At the time I was an undergraduate at Cardiff University [University of Wales, College Cardiff] reading Optometry and an ACO, Civilian Instructor with 2213 City of Llandaff Squadron (now Rumney Squadron), No1 Welsh Wing.


The programme was recorded at the Aces High Studio. A huge set built in an aircraft hanger, and built exactly like the revolving map that is shown at the intervals, with all the TV production bits stuck in the corner, the dome in the centre. The contestants were total strangers.


Filming was done from dawn to dusk, with minor grip and grab shots done the next day. The scenes in the dome were done at about 11 o'clock at night. We went into the dome as a full team, no one was left behind – the teams that win routinely had 10+ crystals. We used our 10 seconds to collect a lot of tokens; just the wrong colour!


Aces High Studio was at North Weald Aerodrome, and we drive past it every time we go flying at RAF Wyton.  I still raise a smile when I see the hanger it was filmed in.


Even now people rave about the programme, and it's quite exciting to think I was a part of it. KJC OC358