You have the opportunity to change lives – including your own.


If you have a good sense of humour, are reliable, and want to make a difference, join the Air Cadets, as an instructor.

Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAV) are the driving force behind an efficient, effective and dynamic cadet unit.

We will be seeking to harness your energy and enthusiasm in order to be a positive role model for the young people who are Air Cadets. Devoting and spending your free time instructing and helping the youngsters develop new horizons and fulfil their potential.

Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers – the Officers, Senior NCOs – non commissioned officers and CIs – civilian instructors all bring different skills to the organisation. Instructors are always scarce, especially volunteers with experience of serving in HM forces and those who have the temperament and disposition to remember that cadets, although wearing a similar uniform to the regular RAF are children.

It is not an easy task and not for the faint hearted, but there are bucket loads of pride and satisfaction on offer. Too many moments of joy to mention: e.g. a cadets first flight; their pride, and that of Mum's & Dad's as the massed units parade through their home town band playing and flags flying; desperation turning to delight at the mastering of the iron!; bulling boots!; the achievements and recognition of their peers by the completion and attainment of honours and awards; seeing immature children become mature adults, and in the process becoming fit and worthy members of society – all these moments of joy and many many more are on offer to the select few who choose to become CFAV.

Your devotion will change a cadets life – and making a difference to these cadets, will encourage a new generation of young people to see the Air Cadets as a challenge worthy of committing their own time to.

Every Adult Volunteer is checked by CRB – Criminal Records Bureau and government checking so please note that because of this [often onerous] process, we can only accept people who are willing to make a long term, substantial, regular commitment to the Air Cadet Organisation.

We are open Tuesdays & Thursdays 19:15 to 21:45, each week except Christmas holidays. Uniform members are realistically expected to attend ~ 75% of parade nights, whilst non-uniform members are expected to attend when scheduled to instruct.

If this seems like the kind of thing you wish to devote your free time to, then please contact me and we can have a chat as to what you are realistically capable of offering the organisation and in which role we can best direct your talents and capabilities.


Thank you – Kris Cottier OC358         oc.358@aircadets.org