You want to join the Air Cadets.

Girls and boys like you have joined the Air Cadets and taken advantage of the fantastic opportunities and challenges available. Previously, they've completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at bronze, silver & gold award level; become gliding instructors teaching younger cadets to fly, flown solo in gliders and powered aircraft; learnt marksmanship skills and first aid; gained additional vocational qualifications (presently equivalent to up to 12 additional GCSEs); travelled the world on expeditions to Peru, South Africa, Nepal, Alaska & New Zealand, and exchange trips to Singapore,  the USA and Israel; climbed and walked the British Isles, sailed around its coast and parachuted from the skies. They have escorted civic and military dignitaries, visited Royal Palaces and one even had luncheon with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II! In addition, they've played an active ceremonial role within the London Borough of Bexley, at both the Civic and Remembrance Parades. Indeed, so many activities and achievements they can't all be listed here – but we would like to offer you similar opportunities. Many activities are free or highly subsidised, so well worth our joining fee & monthly subscription.

Finally, don't forget that not only is the Air Cadets fun but it's all good stuff on a CV. Employers and
universities find that Air Cadets have considerable transferable life skills e.g. leadership, commitment, self discipline, diligence and dedication. In short, cadets are the kind of people they want in their organisation.

You have nothing to lose, and a world of adventure to gain.

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Kris Cottier

OC 358