Squadron Standing Orders.

19 OCT 2014 

1. Wear Uniform – In accordance with AP1358C, all ACO personnel are to wear appropriate uniform whilst on ACO duty. Blues or MTP/CS95; clean, pressed, berets worn, boots polished. Sqn T shirt.

2. On return from Camp/Activity all additional loaned items should be returned within 2 parade nights. Return your uniform when you leave.

3. Be Smart – washed, hair cut & tidy, shaved. Splendid not Stinky.

4. Tell the truth – even if it gets you in trouble! “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.

5. Tell us if you break it or lose it, the next cadet will need it and it'll need replacing or repairing.

6. Attend – Only by regular attendance can you build friendships and get the most from the ACO.

7. Pay Subscriptions – Your voluntary subscriptions allow us to provide the opportunities.

8. Try something different – You never know if you'll enjoy it.

9. Do it all – All these fantastic opportunities, and you'll never have as much free time again.

10. Have Fun! - Or what's the point of being a member of the ACO?

11. Tell us – If you can't attend a parade night or an event to which you committed to we need to know. Events cost a lot of time, money and emotion to organise and arrange. Your selfishness is extremely disappointing to the staff and deprives others of the opportunity. This is politeness and respect.

12. Be Safe – We have a duty under Health & Safety (H&S) to look after you and keep you safe. Likewise you have a duty to look after yourself and others.

13. Do not tamper with the Fire Safety equipment.

14. If it looks stupid and dangerous – it probably is.

15. Challenge strangers – visitors and guests to the unit should be politely escorted to the adjutant so they can be properly greeted.

16. Compliments – Address officers, & guests as 'sir or ma'am' [jam] and NCOs by rank.

17. Salute officers both on entering and leaving the room. No saluting in the corridors.

18. Respect – Respect the staff and the cadet NCOs and they will respect you.

19. Zero tolerance – Drugs, Bullying, Theft etc. Enough said.

20. NCOs – They are entrusted with the care of the cadets and the well running of the unit. They are representatives of the commanding officer on squadron and are to be respected as such.

   NCOs – look after your fellow cadets, especially those younger and junior to you.

21. Promotion – Embrace the opportunities and ethos of the ACO. Demonstrate you can be trusted, show leadership, maturity & self motivation over a sustained period. Be the NCO, and it'll be noted by others.

22. Leave with grace – When you decide to leave – be positive – come and tell us, bring back the uniform and all ACO property. We know life gets in the way of the hobby and you move on.

Website amended on 15 May 2015.

These order remain in force until rescinded or amended in writing by OC 358

Original Signed 

Flt Lt KJ Cottier GCGI BSc(Hons) PGCert MSc MCOptom DipTP(AS) RAFVR(T)

Officer Commanding

358 Welling Squadron ATC